Castellbisbal is a small town in Western Vallès, in the river Llobregat bank, 25 Km from Barcelona. Western Vallès is an area of Catalonia in the Barcelona province. It is spread through the bottom of the Central Depression situated behind the Prelitoral and the Litoral mountain range.

Barcelona is the most important city of Catalonia. It is situated behind the Litoral mountain range and the coast, and behind the Llobregat and Besos delta.

Catalonia is in Mediterranean Europe, in the north-east of Spain.

Our school consists of three buildings. At the main building we have the classrooms and some special rooms or laboratories as Technology, ICT, Physics, Chemistry and Natural Sciences Laboratories, Art and the Library. In the second building there’s the Gymnasium which isd also used sometimes as a Theatre Hall. There’s the canteen in the third building, and a playground with several  places to play Basketball, football or volleyball.

Here you can study Secondary Education (4 years) and then Post-Compulsory Education (2 years). There’s also the alternative option to Post-Compulsory education by taking two years of IT.

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Google Maps link for Castellbisbal


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